Buck Naked Politics and the Health-Care Debate

There is a site on the Web called Buck Naked Politics, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t feature any nudity. It does indeed concern politics, and it claims to remove all “the gloss,” which, metaphorically, doesn’t really match the “buck naked” figure of speech, unless one associates “buck naked” with “stripped” furniture, from which glossy varnish has been removed.

In any event, the site features a interview between MSNBC “talker” Ed Schultz and Roy Sekoff, who (I gather) helped establish the Huffington Post. Yes, yes, I reckon Schultz and Sekoff represent some sort of Left, maybe 3/8 of an inch to the left of corporate center.

In the interview, Sekoff claims that Senator Max Baucus has received 3 million dollars from the health-insurance industry since 2003. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, this claim is true.

I think there should be rules in place that would require Baucus to recuse himself from any discussions of health-care. I’d put the limit at 15 dollars. I know my position is extreme (or “radical”) on this issue, but I don’t regard money as speech, simply because I have asked a dollar bill a question, and it did not respond. Not a peep. Try the experiment yourself! Nor did the dollar bill write me a memo, or text-message me, so there wasn’t even indirect “speech.” Slightly more seriously, if any industry pays any senator 3 million bucks, does the industry really have to speak? I don’t think so. “Let’s see,” Baucus “reasons,” do I want to keep the millions flowing, or do I want a good health-care bill? I think I’ll go with the flow.”

Max Baucus should be ashamed of himself, but he’s not the only one; at the same time, when has politics included the quality, shame?

A link to the interview:


A link to a site that follows the money in politics:



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