Hard-Hitting Journalistic Questions!

Via Andrew Sullivan‘s blog, we have borrowed the following transcription of a brief interchange between Chris Wallace and Dick Cheney:

CHENEY: I am going to — if I address that, I will address it in my book, Chris.

WALLACE: It is going to be a hell of a book.

CHENEY: It is going to be a great book.

Of course, every generation has its favorite names for people like Chris Wallace: suck-up, arse-lick, apple-polisher, company man, narc, weasel, rat, weenie, mini-me (mini-Mike-Wallace, mini-Dick-Cheney). But name-calling is out of bounds here; one must restrain one’s visceral response to a journalist’s seeming to behave like the assistant on a half-hour TV show dedicated to selling a kitchen-product.

What is, arguably, in bounds is to ask, Might some journalists and pseudo-journalists ask some effective, pertinent questions? At this point, the viewing, reading public will settle for almost Single-A journalism, well removed the Big Leagues. –You know, like who, what, when, where, why, and how. Not “It is going to be a hell of a book.”

It certainly was a Hell of an administration. As to Cheney’s remark, “It is going to be a great book,” well, I”ll take his word for it, especially if the book explains why there was not an immediate police-investigation of his allegedly having gotten liquored up and shot his friend in the face with a shotgun. “It Is going to be a hell of a night, Harry Whittington.”


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