First American Political Ad on TV?

Allegedly, a television ad for Dwight Eisenhower’s candidacy in the mid-1950s was the first of its kind (TV, that is):

the ad

One may be tempted to consider the ad to be hopelessly simplistic and empty, but really, have TV political ads changed much? Okay, they’re in living color.

I do like the implied syllogism in the ad (not to mention the basic left-to-right animation, and the way “Ike” turns into the sun at the end–the sun, a nuclear fireball):

You and I like Ike.
Liking someone suggests that he or she should be the next president of the United States.
Therefore, let you and me “send” Ike to Washington D.C. and the White House.

Great argument! I like Ike’s black-and-white animated add. You like Ike’s black-and-white animated ad. You and I both probably get tired of the song by the time the second or third verse rolls around.


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