Why Identify Politically?

What has being an Independent, Republican, Libertarian, Communist, Anarchist, Reformer, or Democrat done for you lately? My guess: less than you had wanted.

What has identifying yourself as one of these political types (or another type) done for the Party or Group with which you have identified? My guess: a lot. It can count you as a member, try to get money from you, try to get you to vote its way, try to mold your thinking to its alleged beliefs, try to prick you with its talking points, and so on.

What if, citizens, we were able to register to vote as Citizen and note identify with any Party or Category–including Independent; for having to declare oneself Independent forces a person to be dependent on this category and assumptions others make about it. Should we have to “pay” to register to vote by having to agree to be identified as anything but a citizen? My preference: No.

If this option were put to a vote, imagine the degree to which Republicans and Democrats would be united in opposing it. Maybe even Libertarians, ironically, would oppose it.


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