Too Big Too Fail, Too Small To Matter

“Too Big Too Fail” entered active U.S. parlance, and perhaps even global gab, during the latest and one of the worst spasms of so-called free-market capitalism, which resembles that Exxon tanker driven by a drunk. AIG [please fill in the words for the initials according to your own satiric tastes], Citi Bank [the second i in itself should doom this bank], and other confederacies of crooks were said to be too big to fail, so that U.S. taxpayers were supposed to be resigned to the resulting extortion.

The unspoken but indubitable counterpart to Too Big To Fail is, of course, Too Small To Matter. A person, group, business, or organization is too small to matter when it has insufficient juice to influence the ship of stasis. Who cares if your small business can’t get credit even though it has shown it can repay a loan? Who cares if 30-40 million don’t have health insurance? Who cares if the thief running the bank that was too big to fail is now injecting his “lifestyle” with another load of your money?

“Too Big To Fail” means, perhaps, that the system has already failed.


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