The Perils of Euphemism

Rejected on Dance Floor, Man Beats Woman in Bar Restroom


The New York Times 11 March 2010

“It was about two hours before closing time early on Thursday at Social, a Midtown bar, when the man approached a woman as she danced.

“The woman, 29, rebuffed the man’s advances and went to the restroom in the bar’s basement, the police said.

“Minutes later, the man burst through a stall door and began savagely attacking the woman, beating her as he tried to remove her pants, the police said. She fought back, and was able to avoid being sexually assaulted — but not before the man broke her nose and one of her eye sockets, leaving her unconscious and sprawled in a pool of blood.”

How was this NOT a sexual assault?  Because the victim fended off rape?

This shows anew how polite language — preferring “sexual assault”  to “rape” — can burden those who do not think about what they write.

The authors describe assault and battery by a man against a woman.  How was this NOT a sexual assault?

Maybe Mr. Schmidt or Mr. Baker should sit on the commode and await my bursting into the stall.  I’ll then punch one of them  until he agrees that an assault has occurred.  Then we’ll troop the other author in and repeat the process.


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