What Democrats and Republicans Believe (And Stand For)

I visited (well, okay, my computer did) the sites for the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee today. On the former site is the following paragraph, which appears under the heading “What We Stand For”:

The Democratic Party is committed to keeping our nation safe and expanding opportunity for every American. That commitment is reflected in an agenda that emphasizes the strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, retirement security, open, honest and accountable government, and securing our nation while protecting our civil rights and liberties.

On the latter (RNC) site, the following statements appear, under the heading “What We Believe” (I added the numbers, however):

1. We’re fortunate to live in America. 2. You can be what you are, and become what you are capable of becoming. 3. Helping those around you is worthwhile. 4. Small government is a better government for the people. 5. You know what to do with your money better than your government. 6. Free markets keep people free. 7. Our armed forces protect and defend our democracy.

If anyone were to conclude that both Committees stand for/believe in bromides, I wouldn’t argue the point. Of more interest (to me), however, is that the RNC didn’t mention civil liberties; that the RNC introduces a philosophical/ontological problem (“You can be what you are”) [If I am what I am, then I guess I am indeed able to be what I am]; and that the DNC claims to want to expand opportunity for every American, including Republican politicians (?)


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