Quotations From Peter Viereck

In a recent post, we briefly discussed Peter Viereck.

Here are a few quotations from his nonfiction writing:

“Reality is that which, when you don’t believe in it, doesn’t go away.”

(One might call this the “nonetheless” adage.)

“Catholic-baiting is the anti-Semitism of liberals.”

(This quotation may be even more provocative than before.)

“The conservative principles par excellence are proportion and measure; self-expression through self-restraint; preservation through reform, humanism and classical balance; a fruitful nostalgia for the permanent beneath the flux; and a fruitful obsession for unbroken historic continuity. These principles together create freedom, a freedom built not on the quicksand of adolescent defiance but on the bedrock of ethics and law … The core and fire-center of conservatism, its emotional élan, is a humanist reverence for the dignity of the individual soul. This is incompatible with fascist or Stalinist collectivism; incompatible with a purely mechanistic view of man; incompatible with a purely economic view of history. “ (Conservatism Revisited, 1949)

And here is a link to a blog that is sympathetic to Viereck’s views and unsympathetic to the views of what the blog’s author calls “pseudo-conservatives.”


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