I recently discovered a documentary (of sorts) that seems like it might be worth a look.

Here is a link to a site for the film.

And here, from that site, is one comment about the documentary:

“A brilliant documentary/comedy, part Monty Python, part Michael Moore; brings to life the question: Can one join the power elite and yet work for the public interest?”

-Joseph A. Soares, Professor of Sociology, Wake Forest University, Author, Power of Privilege: Yale and America’s Elite Colleges

I’m guessing a segment of the audience out there may be in favor of Monty Python but not of Michael Moore. I wonder if the reverse is true. Are there people who like Michael Moore’s work but not the artistry of Monty Python? That seems less likely.


One Response to “THE AMERICAN RULING CLASS, a documentary”

  1. wildbillhaltom Says:

    What about those who dislike both? Monty Python is FOREIGN. Michael Moore is LEFT-WING. Plenty of Americans will not fight through accents and will not rethink their traditional views.

    What if Monty Python and/or Michael Moore make a viewer think? Many Americans will not forgive that!

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