The Tancredo-Site’s Rhetoric

Here is the introductory text for Tom Tancredo’s Web site– Or it may be .com.

Years ago, he was a lone voice in the wilderness. Speaking out against the ills of the illegal alien invasion. No one in the halls of power wanted to listen at that time. As a congressman, he once showed surveillance video of illegal border crossings to hundreds of his colleagues. Trafficking in faceless immigrants and illicit drugs. No one wanted to see it. In just 4 minutes, hundreds of members of congress, his colleagues, had vacated the room. They weren’t interested. No one wanted to listen.

Years since then Tom has carried the torch. Doing whatever it takes to protect our borders, the language of our country’s founders and to save our shared American culture. His championing of these tenets has gained him supporters who believe in his ideals.

Tom continues that quest today. Won’t you join him?

Here we have a smorgasbord of words, phrases, and idioms that would have given Orwell an allergic “food” rash. “A lone voice in the wilderness”? More like an elected representative in Congress. “The ills of the illegal alien invasion.” Well, if it really is an invasion, then its effects may be more than “ills.” But really: invasion? “Halls of power”: tired, but okay. “Trafficking in faceless immigrants and illicit drugs.” It’s hard to tell what noun this sentence-fragment refers to. Tancredo? The video? Also, I boldly assert that those immigrants have faces. Maybe this is a Freudian slip: When Tancredo thinks of immigrants, he can’t picture their faces because he thinks they are all the same. His colleagues vacated the room? Have you ever seen Congress move this quickly?

“Carried the torch”: just to worn out to please Orwell. Has Tancredo really done whatever it takes to protect the border? Has he attempted to improve Mexico’s economy or to prosecute employers’ in the U.S. who use Mexican laborers? And is “protect the border” the correct phrasing? Not sure. “Enforce the border”?

“The language of our country’s founders”? I invite you to read Washington’s first inaugural address and to see whether you speak and write that way. “To save our shared American culture.” I presume this includes the many parts of culture almost incalcuably influenced by Spanish and Mexican culture. And culture changes all the time. And if we share it, we probably don’t need to save it. I mean, after you cook some food for friends, you want to share it, not save it–because you may always cook some more, and change the recipe, even as you are championing tenets.


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