Barack Obama, Moderate Republican

In a recent post, I alluded to conservative columnist’s Kathleen Parker’s search for viable moderate Republicans amid the reactionary proliferation of Tea Parties, etc.

I think I’ve found said Moderate Republican.  President Obama.  The evidence:

1) His Attorney General wants to “adjust” the Miranda Warning.  Note that John Dean, counsel to RICHARD NIXON, claims that there is no evidence that Miranda warnings have had any negative effect on the ability to deal with terrorists.  Eric Holder, arguably to the right of Nixon.

2) President Obama apparently agrees with the scientific evidence for human-created global warning.  The good news for GOPers: he hasn’t acted on that stance.  In fact, he’s pressed for more offshore-drilling, which is obviously completely without risk.  By the way, does all oil produced domestically remain on the domestic market, or is it sold on the global market?  If the latter, how can drilling offshore or onshore help ameliorate dependence on foreign oil?

3) Healthcare “reform”: more customers for large insurance companies.

4) Financial reform: See number #3, with some adjustments, mutatis mutandis.

5) Elena Kagan favors indefinite detention of people deemed “bad.”  Jonathan Turley worries about her stance on the First Amendment.  John Roberts made her look like a first-year law student in arguments about corporate personhood.

6) Robert Gates, who worked for Bush II, works for President Obama.

7) Obama proposed increasing defense spending.

8) Guantanamo and two wars proceed.

9) He’s begun to try to do something about nuclear-weapon proliferation and shrinking current nuclear inventory, but then so did Reagan.

10) He’s moving with all deliberate speed on don’t ask, don’t tell.

Precisely what is “liberal” about President Obama? Rejoice, traditional GOPers!  You pulled the ultimate fast one on the Democratic Party, which you induced to help elect a moderate Republican.  Well done.


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