American Consumocracy?

In recent posts, the blog has discussed whether the U.S. may be an oligarchy, and empire, both, or neither.  We have also mentioned portmanteau words used in connection with politics.  Today we feature the daily double: a portmanteau word aimed at offering another characterization of the U.S. besides or in addition to republic, oligarchy, and empire.  We bring you . . .

The Consumocracy

If you don’t have it, you
must need it, and if you need
it, we can feed it to you. You’re
free to buy what you want,
and we’re free to buy ways
to entrance you to want all
we sell. This is not, as is
alleged, democracy mocking
itself with excess. It is
the consumocracy,
which founding dads
intended their investment
to become. For a limited time,
we can offer you an infinite
number of items and programs
to buy that prove this point.
We’ll think of something
you don’t have and buy a
way to let you have it. We
like to let you have it. This is
how the consumocracy works
and plays. See our products, sense
your need, see and want. Want,
buy, buy, see. See it there, laissez
. Eat the feed, pay
the fee, seed the greed. This
incredible deal won’t last!
now and we’ll throw in something
else incredible for free. Call
as a founder, intently, of, by,
and for the consumocracy.

Copyright 2007 Hans Ostrom


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