Arizona Law About Ethnic Studies: A Few Questions

So, if courses or units of courses about particular ethnic groups are banned in Arizona, how will Arizona history be taught? I mean, in what sense is westward expansion not ethnic, for example?

How will Colonial and Revolutionary History be taught? Those topics are Euro- and Caucasian-centric, largely.

If one wanted to eradicate “ethnic solidarity,” what is the one thing a person would want to avoid? Answer: Passing a law that made ethnic groups feel targeted.

Moreover, can you imagine yourself reading about the history of Nazi Germany and learning that Hitler banned the study of German-Jewish history and “Jewish solidarity”? No, I’m not equating the Arizona laws with those of Nazi Germany; this isn’t reductio ad Hitlerium, which Glenn Beck likes to play (see Lewis Black’s rant on this topic, Daily Show). I’m merely suggesting different angles from which to look at the law and its overbearing prohibitions.

Finally: Yo, Republican Party, what’s the larger strategy here? Offend almost anyone outside the party and purge at least half of those inside the party? A radical thought: in elections, numbers do matter.


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