A poem pertaining to impertinence:


If you are told you’ve been impertinent,
It doesn’t mean your comments don’t pertain.
Indeed it means they have been relevant,
And to the listener, they’ve caused a strain.
There is a chance of course you have been rude.
More likely though you’ve irked authority
And sparked in it a harsh, parental mood,
And a desire to guard territory.
So: insubordinate is what you’ve been,
Presuming to be level with the boss.
The power wants you docile like some moss.
Let us suggest then that “impertinent”
Is rather, roundabout, a compliment.


2 Responses to ““Impertinence””

  1. wildbillhaltom Says:

    I enjoyed your poem.

    My friend, etymology, suggests unpacking the term(s):

    Im+pertinent = not+belonging = other than “us”

    Im+per+tinence = not + thoroughly + holding = unorthodox

  2. O. Says:

    Yes, I was playing with both senses of the term, obviously, and if only people realized etymology is their friend!

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