Hacks’ Hackneyed Terms Do Not Hack It

From http://www.freep.com/article/20110101/NEWS06/101010336/1001/RSS01 we learn that the  language monitors at Lake Superior State University have created their 36th annual List of Banished Words for 2011.

Banished words and phrases


Viral: As in the spread of provocative content over the Internet. Example: “The video went viral.”

Epic: Almost always an overstatement, the university judges said. Use of this word has become “an epic annoyance.”

Fail: A perfectly good verb, but the university wordsmiths hate it as a noun, as it’s widely used on the Internet.

Wow factor: Beloved by cable TV’s worst talk-show hosts, applied to so many situations that it has little impact and meaning, they said.

Aha moment: A me-centric, pseudo-zen way to say what’s covered with a simple, “Oh, I got it. I understand now,” judges said.

Backstory: A fluffy term with a simple synonym: “explanation.”

BFF: The acronym for Best Friends Forever.

Man up: A macho term overused in 2010 by bosses, politicians and too many others.

Refudiate: A conflation of repudiate and refute, committed by ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in a tweet to followers, Lake Superior State University spokesman Tom Pink said.

Mamma grizzlies: Another Palin-ism, adopted by her followers, Pink said.

The American people: Overused by all politicians in 2010.

I’m just sayin’: “A phrase used to diffuse any ill feelings caused by a preceded remark,” according to the Urban Dictionary. Used by invariably anonymous posters in Web forums.

Facebook/Google as verbs: Part of a language trend to make verbs out of nouns, increasingly with commercial terms.

Live life to the fullest: Things are either full, or not full, but can’t be fullest.


‘Wow factor,’ ‘mama grizzlies’ make university’s banished words list | freep.com | Detroit Free Presshttp://www.freep.com/article/20110101/NEWS06/101010336/-Wow-factor—mama-grizzlies–make-university-s-banished-words-list#ixzz19opwS875



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