More Hackneyed Language That Must Go

“Everything must go!” proclaim the ads, visual and aural, regarding either a going-out-of-business sale or an end-of-year car sales, or both.

Amongst the everything are the following hackneyed words and phrases, to be added to the list in the previous post.

The American People: Whenever a politician, politico, or political handler utters this phrase, anyone nearby should start laughing loudly. “The American people have spoken”: so says some political “leader” after an election in which a few seats in Congress have shifted, chiefly because some candidates had more money than others; in any event, the American people have not spoken, except to each other, regarding groceries or oil changes. There are over 300 million Americans. In case you haven’t noticed, they haven’t ever spoken in unison about anything.

Freedom: Any time a politician, talk-show host, or political handler utters this word, stop listening. I heard Sarah Palin start a speech asking, “Do you like freedom?” Gee, no, I don’t. Freedom from what? From the sound of your voice, which could cut steel? But let’s not get hung up on Palin. Regardless of political persuasion, no politician should be allowed to talk about “freedom” without being specific.

Big Government: Our government is big. Most nations’ governments are, proportionally. So it goes with nationalism and nations. Both parties have profited from and enjoyed the size of our government. Reagan spoke out against “big gub-ment” but grew the deficit and the military and didn’t cut anything except the solar panels from the White House roof.


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