What Huckabee Should Have Said

Wild Bill, by way of Andrew Sullivan’s blog, has highlighted Governor Huckabee’s mendacity with regard to President Obama’s citizenship. Here is what Governor Huckabee should have said:

“I apologize for allowing myself to be drawn into the attempted denigration of President Obama by means of questioning the status of his citizenship and his American cultural background. As you know, I come from a state, Arkansas, that has a terrible history of racism, and into which President Eisenhower had to send federal troops just so African Americans could have access to the same public education as white Arkansas citizens. The attempt by many Republicans and other Americans to question the President’s citizenship is a form of racism; just as the original Constitution, the institution of slavery, well known Supreme Court rulings, and Jim Crow Laws described African Americans as less human than whites, so the “birther” strategy is an attempt to make the President less American than others. My discussion of the President’s childhood, while grossly inaccurate, was also my way of participating in a vile attempt to make him seem less American than I am. The conclusion to which I jumped about his attitude toward Britain has no basis in fact, and it, too, was an attempt to pander to the thinly veiled, if veiled at all, racism of birthers. I know better than to do this. It’s more important to me to maintain my integrity than to pander to the bad instincts of citizens whom I need to vote for me if I am to be a presidential candidate. It’s more important to me to represent my state and my family honorably than to sully myself in the pursuit of political success. I am also a man of faith, a Christian. What I said was dishonest, and its motives were sleazy. As a Christian, I should have known better, and in what I said, I should have represented my better angels better. Again, I apologize, especially to President Obama. I promise to try to do better, and I promise to try to lead the Republican Party away from hatred, race-baiting, and cynical use of wedge-issues. The Republican Party and I are better than what Karl Rove would have us be. I hope you can forgive me.”


2 Responses to “What Huckabee Should Have Said”

  1. wildbillhaltom Says:

    Great speech that Huckabee hasn’t enough soul or conscience left to pen or to deliver.

    Timothy Egan has exposed this Elmer Gantry: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/03/the-fictions-of-mike-huckabee/

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