Free-Market Economics Vs. Christianity

A few posts ago, I wrote about crucial contradictions among GOPers and Dems that the media needed to expose and to highlight, to focus on relentlessly.

I want to emphasize one that almost no one wants to discuss. It concerns chiefly the GOPers, and chiefly so because they simultaneously wrap themselves in the shroud of Jesus and the flag of unfettered capitalism. Of course, as usual, I must digress.

I was reading an article about former NFL quarterback Kenny “The Snake” Stabler long ago. It was about his time at Alabama, under the coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. Apparently Kenny was enamored of hopping in his Corvette and driving from Alabama to Memphis to enjoy himself. The Bear was unamused and was threatening to bench him. Former Alabama quarterback Joe Namath allegedly called The Snake and said, simply, “He [the coach] means it [the threat of benching Stabler].”

I think what many GOPer governors are doing now is serious business. They mean it. They’re out to break unions, ruin school districts, and privatize as much of the public commons as they can. They’re rabid, and they’re stupid, but they have power. What they’re very serious about is unregulated corporate capitalism.

Because they are serious about it, the media need to focus on a key contradiction between unregulated capitalism and Christianity, which most GOPers pretend, at least, to espouse.

The contradiction? According to Christianity, people are sinful and flawed. Thus they need saving–and they need watching. They’re not good all of the time. Some of them aren’t good any of the time. According to capitalism, the don’t-regulate-me and I’ll trickle-down-on-you kind, “the market” will make everything turn out fine because . . . because what? People are naturally good? Because corporations, now dubbed persons by the Supremes, are inherently selfless, out for the common good? The GOPers can have it both ways because no one calls them on the contradictions. Even a Christian broadcasting channel won’t call them on it. Instead, the channel lets Newt insist that he was too passionate about his country and thus worked too hard and thus broke his Christian marriage vows. The interviewer should have said, “Well, since you and every other human being are bound to cave into such temptations, shouldn’t we have a system of government that keeps a close watch on powerful people and entities?” Of course, the interviewer would have had the debacle of 2008 for support. Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, brokers peddling toxic loans, banks tricking customers: how did that unfettered capitalism work out for you?

Certainly, the press could also ask Governor Walker if Jesus would approve of his attack on farmers and working folk and their children, and if Jesus would approve of his, Walker’s, sucking up to the most powerful, like the Koch Brothers. I mean, it’s not even a close call. Jesus would be out there with the farmers, not in Caesar’s gubernatorial office, on the phone with unfettered capitalists.

Media, please do your job.


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