Budget-Talks Yield Weary Metaphors

From the Fox News site I have learned that “White House Summit Fails To Yield Deal As Shutdown Approaches.”

What is the summit of the White House? How does a summit yield a deal or anything else? Is a shut-down approaching, or are “our” representatives approaching a shutdown?

I also learned the meeting (“summit”) was one with “high stakes” and that people spoke of “hammering out” a “deal.” Someone also said that “we’ve narrowed the issues considerably.” Maybe the issues are only one inch across now.

They are exploring “how deep[ly] to cut” and “what to ax” and whether to pass a stop-gap budget, presumably one that stops a gap full of narrow issues on a summit with an ax (or a scalpel) and a hammer and high stakes.

I learned that “meanwhile, the day-to-day functions of the government . . . were hanging in the balance.” I don’t know what that means, functions hanging in the balance. Good grief.

I learned that “lawmakers appeared to be caught in a political perfect storm.” What a horrid metaphor, for it makes it seem as if natural forces beyond the lawmakers’ control had visited the lawmakers all at once, when in fact most of the lawmakers are more predisposed to bicker, to stall, to play zero-sum games, to pose, to speak to empty chambers, etc., than they are to pass a budget in a timely, thoughtful, mature way.


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