Our Unconscious

In a post regarding Christopher Hitchens’ praise for the King James version of the Bible — see http://andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com/2011/04/hitchens-reads-the-good-book.html — Andrew Sullivan notes that the King James Bible was “…   far too Protestant … ” for Sullivan’s family.  Then Dr. Sullivan adds “I did get a daily draft of the Book Of Common Prayer, another masterpiece, at my Protestant secondary school. And its cadences still linger in my unconscious.”

What dreck!

How convenient for his facile prose that Dr. Sullivan gained access to his unconscious mind in time to fend off thinking through his post and his past!

If usage prescribes that “the unconscious” is a part of the mind that is seldom or never accessible to the conscious mind yet affects  behavior, then Dr. Sullivan violates usage to dress up his sentiment.

Would Eric Arthur Blair have approved?

More important to me:  Why does Dr. Sullivan capitalize “of” in the title of The Book of Common Prayer?


3 Responses to “Our Unconscious”

  1. Hans Says:

    Yes, I’m more or less certain that “things” linger in my unconscious mind, but because it is unconscious, I cannot know of them.

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