“The Capitalist  Papers,”  advertises the website VoxVerus as a means by which constituents and congresspeople might keep in touch with one another.  I have no problem with that Internet means to more participation.

However, I do have a problem with “VoxVerus.”  If one wanted to say or write “true voice” in Latin, one should say or write “vox vera.”  Ensconced in Northern Idaho, “The Conservative Papers” evidently had little access to anyone who knew anything about Latin.

That is a little surprising given that “The Conservative Papers” teems with articles by purported scholars or experts.  Maybe the pretenders at “The Conservative Papers” and at “VoxVerus” should have consulted these alleged experts and scholars about the phrase.  In the alternative, “The Conservative Papers” might find someone in their vicinity who took a year of Latin.

Some “conservatives!”


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