If Frank Luntz Worked For the Democrats…

I think my favorite image of Frank Luntz, professional sloganeer for GOPropaganda, is from when he was serving as a focus-group moderator (for FAWKES NEWS) and asked a group of GOP voters whether they believed President Obama is a Muslim. I think all but a couple of the group of 30 or so raised their hands to signal, “Yes.” Luntz responded, “Wow!” Why not, “You know he’s not a Muslim, right? You can’t be that gullible, can you?”

The Democrats seem hopeless at the game of sloganeering. I don’t know if that’s good news, bad news, or no news. At any rate, the situation got me to thinking: What if Luntz worked for the Democropaganda?

I’m no Frank Luntz, mister (and miss), but I’ll do my best:

Gay marriage would become “the Faithful Partner Act.”

Taxing the rich would become the “Wealthy Patriots Initiative”

Federal money for infrastructure would become “Smooth Ride Legislation”

Immigration Reform would become the “Liberty’s Lamp Act,” after Our Lady of Liberty in New York Harbor

The EPA would become the “Department of Homeland Preservation”–let’s keep God’s earth clean!

Efforts to limit what corporations and lobbyists give to Congress would become “Congressional Anti-Prostitution Initiative”–keep pimps out of the People’s hallowed halls!

I know, I know: I’m no Frank Luntz. Wow!


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