Newt, Truthiness, and Saul Alinsky

The previous post discussed Newt Gingrich’s bad academic habits. Below is a link to an article by Mark Kazin that describes how Gingrich weds a glib, academic allusion to truthiness so as to provoke mere reaction, not response or analysis:


One Response to “Newt, Truthiness, and Saul Alinsky”

  1. wildbillhaltom Says:

    Gingrich is, when it suits him, as populist as Andy By God Jackson. However, Gingrich is also the most supercilious pseudo-intellectual in national politics. Propositions that would not survive a single shot of tequila, claims that would get a blue book shredded, and bombast that would shame the Greatest Pretender all gush from Newt like vomit after a frat initiation.

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