Romney, Trump, and Almost Perfect Pseudocracy

If tomorrow Mitt Romney announced he’s in favor of gay marriage, would you, from the perspective of someone simply watching “the movie,” rather than from the perspective of a political analyst, be surprised? I would not. I would simply figure that someone in his campaign manufactured a reason to announce the change, that Romney said okay, and so the change. It’s too much to say that Romney is the most dishonest presidential candidate ever (with Clinton, the Bushes, and Dick Nixon lurking back there), but there is a sense in which we’ve now found the candidate who literally will say anything to get elected. In a weird way, Romney is incorruptible because how can you corrupt a vacuum?

And now Trump Redux, via the Birther gambit. In one sense, the situation begs to be ignored: the schtick-artist Trump wants more notoriety, so he brings up a topic we thought was buried. Trump is silly. Romney needs Trump’s endorsement because . . . .? Well, isn’t there a reason? Alas, pseudocracy.

I comment on it in party to ask, aloud, why a presidential candidate needs to stoop so low, why birthers don’t admit they just don’t like a Black guy as president, but most of all to ask why, instead of spending time watching the pseudocratic waltz of Romney and Trump, we (literally, we, but also info-media), we don’t spend it discussing…

aspects of global warming and its impact
the crisis in how to pay for college
why the Pentagon isn’t audited
civil liberties taken away by the Patriot Act & its extensions
Black unemployment
reaching common ground on immigration
how to help fix Europe’s economic crisis

That is, as I rode a stationary bike and watched (without listening) a variety news channels at once today, I realized more time was being allotted to Romney/Trump/birther than the topics above as well as equally important ones–or ones more important, from your point of view (if you are not a “birther”).

One cost of pseudocracy is that it functions as a rip-tide: forever occupied with pseudocratic nonsense, we cannot ever reach the shore to discuss and to act on important things.


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