Imagine If President Obama . . .

Imagine if President Obama . . .

1. . . . were a Mormon. Would the GOP/Right declare the subject off-limits, as the DEMS/Left apparently have chose to declare?
2. . . . had put his hands on a fellow debater, in 2008, as Romney did to Perry this year?
3. . . . were White. Would the election now be this close, given Romney’s blunders and cavalier attitude to sticking to a position, any position, on anything?
4. . . . were White. Would the GOP have stone-walled him on every piece of legislation and every judicial appointee (except for the Supremes) as they have done?
5. . . . were Republican. How would the punditry from his side have spun the first debate-performance?
6. . . . were White. Would Tagg Romney have said that he had wanted to take a swing at him?
7. . . . were White and semi-Southern, a la Clinton. Wouldn’t the GOP have agreed to a budget-compromise that included modest tax-hikes for higher bracket tax-payers by now?
8. . . . were White. Would the GOP claim that he took “too much credit” for having directed the operation against Osama Bid Laden?
9. . . . were White. Would the incessant demand for “papers” (birth certificate, transcripts, Social Security forms) have materialized?
10. . . . were White. Would his religion, nation of origin, “qualifications” (as if the presidency had any, beyond what’s in the Constitution), and temperament have been questioned for four years running?


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