The Ironies of Power

Thesis: President Barack Obama needs to be stopped. –Stopped in his support of the detention and murder of U.S. citizens who are “found” to “support” al Queda (the National Defense Authorization Act). Stopped in his support of warrantless wire-taps (“listening in”)–which, in contract to the NDAA, seem like a popular hit from the 1950s but nonetheless continue. Stopped in his arrogant, willful ignorance of the plight of African Americans and others: poverty, educational Jim Crow, the industrialized, for-profit prison-system.

Is the thesis “right-wing,” in the sense that it opposes an allegedly “left-wing” president?


Therein lies an irony. The Right Wing, as it manifests itself in the GOP or the Tea-Party-GOP, either supports President Obama’s positions (and on most things, it does), or it is inept in its opposition.

In other words, almost all political rhetoric and spectacle is merely the warm-up band for a large concert (so to speak) of agreement. The GOP and the DNC broadly agree on the destruction of due process, judicial oversight, habeas corpus, corporate ownership of Congress, white privilege, consolidation of power in the Executive Branch, and so on.

If you intensely dislike President Barack Obama’s stances on the items above, you are probably a conservative or a liberal (progressive). And in either case, you probably cannot do anything about it.

While we, the unwashed and clueless masses, disagree with each other, the GOP and the DNC a) agree and b) are in power. But please, do have a nice day.


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