Can a “Horse’s Ass” Surprise?

by O.

There is behavior we in the U.S. sometimes characterize colloquially as that of “a horse’s ass.”  Perhaps in England “wanker” might be the term–different denotation, similar connotation.

Of course, who has not behaved like “a horse’s ass” sometimes?  Very few.  We depend upon friends and family to let us know when we’ve strayed into that pasture, so to speak.

But when someone’s behavior is pretty much constantly boorish and unyielding, they become to us, permanently, a horse’s ass.  When they gallop toward us, we try to escape.

Sites of enormous market-places like New York often cultivate and reward the behavior of horse’s asses. Why wouldn’t they?

In some instances, a horse’s ass becomes popular–wildly popular, a celebrity. That’s when you may be forgiven for thinking you’ve over-estimated the general public–again.

In some highly improbably circumstances, a horse’s ass may run for president of the United States, with some success along the way, attracting legions of imbalanced, knowledge-eschewing followers.  Herds of horse’s asses.  Crass insults stir the herds. So do racism, thuggish behavior, and content-free bluster. That’s when you may be forgiven for worrying that a catastrophe may be taking shape. You don’t want to panic as you observe the spectacle, but you don’t want to ignore the spectacle either, given your knowledge, and perhaps experience, of demagogues who reached power.

Ah, but what if? What if a few weeks before the nomination were settled or the election took place, a certain horse’s ass announced that it’s all been a joke.  What if he said, if not in so many words, “I just wanted to show how easy it is to be a politician. I wanted to show you how gullible you are.  Hitler’s rise to power doesn’t seem so strange now, does it? You people need to grow up, study history, apply the logic your human brain is capable of, and check your stupid, harmful racism. Incidentally, and now I’m speaking to working people, veterans, and members of the military, what on Earth made you think that a billionaire horse’s ass would have any interest whatsoever in pursuing policies that would help you?  Why wouldn’t a cynical clown–the role I’ve been playing–want to widen the wealth-gap further, send you to war for less than nothing, and eviscerate regulations that help you?  You really are losers. You make me sick, and you make this country sick.”

A Supreme Horse’s Ass doing such a thing and saying such things? Beyond improbable. But, on the other hand, it would be the one moderately noble thing the horse’s ass would be remembered for, and so it might appeal to the horse’s ass, and it would certainly light up social media and serve as a lesson to many about much.




2 Responses to “Can a “Horse’s Ass” Surprise?”

  1. Kennedy Says:

    LOL–it would make a funny movie or at least one drenched in irony.

  2. O. Says:

    Yes, that’s right.

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